Housing Services

Housing is Health Care.
And health care is a human right.

"Housing is the prescription that fixes most things. I see people doing well once they get housed every single day. They find gainful employment, reunite with their families, start relationships and learn to trust again.” 

Lawanda Williams, LCSW-C, MPH, Chief Behavioral Health Officer 

Every day, our therapists, peer advocates and case managers provide crucial support services to help people find and keep housing.

  • Housing applications
  • Representative payee services
  • Benefits and income access
  • Move-in support and supplies

As a result, 400 people have stable housing—some for the first time ever.

  • Kara finally has a place to come home after her shifts at the hospital.
  • Vanessa is celebrating two years of sobriety—because she has a safe place to lay her head.
  • Ben and Mary are giddy about decorating their new place together.  

There isn’t enough affordable housing in Baltimore. But we’re building momentum.

  • In 2005, we first partnered with Baltimore City to house 30 people.
  • Thirteen years later, we grew our program by 10x in order to provide 300 people with supportive housing.
  • In the past year, we have continued to grow our program to serve hundreds more
  • In 2021, we're supporting 20 individuals' transition into new apartments at Four Ten Lofts and breaking ground on Sojourner at Oliver, our first project as co-developers of affordable housing.

And there's more housing coming. Under our current Strategic Plan, we’re working with local hospitals, developers, city officials and the wider community to create more affordable and supportive housing for those who need it most. The reason that such diverse stakeholders are coming together on a single goal is clear: housing works.

Resources for Property Owners/Managers



Do you remember the last time you moved? The excitement, the stress? Buying new supplies and home goods, getting water and electricity turned on and leaving a familiar community is hard for all of us—even in the best of times.

Imagine navigating this transition with little money for necessities and no family or friends to help. That’s what Ben and Mary are doing.

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