Meet our new Director of Supportive Services


A Q&A with Kimberly Carroll, LCSW-C

You’ve worked for Health Care for the Homeless for eight years now. What first brought you here?

I used to ride past Health Care for the Homeless on my way to work and think, “I am going to work there.”  I have worked with people experiencing homelessness for years, including at Pathways Substance Abuse Program in Annapolis, Medstar Harbor Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Room, Baltimore Crisis Response Inc, St. Joseph Medical Center Psychiatric Emergency Room, People Encouraging People, The Charles H. Hickey Jr. School and a residential group home for children. I remembered hearing the great work that was being done here. I wanted to be a part of it. 

How have your roles changed over the years?

I started here in April 2012 as a Therapist Case Manager. Then moved up to Case Manager Coordinator in 2016 and now recently promoted to Director of Supportive Services! My role has changed, but my passion remains the same. 

What drew you to the Director of Supportive Services position? 

I enjoy collaborating, teaching, mentoring and training. I have been involved in performance improvement projects, system management projects, group work to modify policy and procedures, and community work during my time at Health Care for the Homeless. I'm a licensed clinical social worker who provides therapy to clients, but I want to be involved in system work and advocacy at this stage in my career.

What put you on this career path?

I am a native of Baltimore. I remember I was about 9 years old attending Northwood Elementary School and saw this elderly man, pushing a grocery cart on East 33rd Street and the Alameda (when the Baltimore Memorial Stadium was on 33rd Street). It was pouring down raining and I told my dad to stop the car to see if we could help the man. My dad pulled over. I jumped out and asked the man if we could take him somewhere. He smiled and said, "No thank you." But asked for few dollars to get food. I had this old, plastic, pink pocketbook with $4 that I gave to him. Afterwards, I cried because I felt helpless and knew that the money was not enough. I knew right then that I was destined to be someone of service. I got my bachelor's of social work from Morgan State University and my master's of social work from University of Maryland. And here I am.

What keeps you motivated in the midst of such a challenging year?

I love what I do, and I am humbled by my assignment in life.

Congratulate Kim when you see her next!

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