Core Values

Our core values are the collective promise we at Health Care for the Homeless make each day to ourselves, each other and the people we serve. They guide our work and relationships. They hold fast when we shift direction or change. They undergird our culture. They ground us in what is good, right and true.

Each day we commit to:

Core Values, Practiced Daily

These core values were identified by Health Care for the Homeless staff, clients and community members. Each year staff members honor those peers who best embody the core values with a staff Core Values award. These six staff members best embodied our core values in 2019. Our “HCH-er at Heart” best embodied them all.


Carol Baez

Client Access Associate I

“To me, dignity is about having respect and compassion for other people, no matter what. All humans are connected: when you show respect for others, you are emphasizing your own self-worth.”


Justine Wright, CMA

Community Health Worker

“To be your authentic self, you must first show humility to others/clients. Which allows you to build deeper connections with people.”


Cat Lee, LMSW

Therapist Case Manager

“The humor, resilience and authenticity that our clients and community hold and share keep my hope going. I continue to hope for change for a more equitable and just world for our community."



Lisa Hoffman 

Compliance Coordinator

“Justice combines courage, empathy, action, and inclusion in the pursuit of a peaceful and loving world.”  


Aaron Perseghin

Triage Medical Provider

“To me, passion means a devotion to the fight for a better world. Every day that I work at Health Care for the Homeless I get to see glimpses of that better world, and that is humbling.”


Eva Hendrix-Shovlin

Case Manager

“It’s an ongoing journey to find balance. At work, the support of my coworkers helps keep me grounded. My faith community, good food and music are my daily touchstones. I try to affirm the following, I think it applies to everyone:

I can share my gifts with others. I can help others without emptying my own cup. I value and respect the boundaries that keep my cup full. I accept that my actions and choices are a small part of life’s tapestry, but not the grand design. My best may be received well by some, but not by all. I accept that I will fall short of the expectations of others. I can extend the grace I extend to others to myself. Knowing that I am beloved of God exactly as I am gives me the best opportunity for infinite growth.”

HCH-er at Heart

Rosita Harris, CMA

 Lead Certified Medical Assistant

“I would not be able to exude the core values of Health Care for the Homeless without the awesome group of people that surround me every day.  I genuinely love the work I do and the people I work with.”

Together we stand. Divided we fall."